What’s the story?

The vision of RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. is that food surplus is more valued again. Our mission is to create awareness on food waste. With our projects we like people to consume more consciously. We cook very creative and delicious dishes with surplus food. Above all we offer educational projects and cooking classes for kids and grown-ups. Please note: we are not a restaurant any more. Currently we also don’t offer pop-up dinner events. We hope to be able to organize dinner events again in near future. Please check events for current dates.


What does food surplus exactly mean?

Food surplus does not automatically mean that this food is already spoiled or that the “best before” date has passed. It is truly an unfortunate fact that tons of food is thrown away every year. A lot of this food is fine to eat. It is often discarded, because it simply takes away storage space, the shape is not right, the packaging is damaged or it doesn’t look picture-perfect. Most of the food we are cooking with we get as a donation from organic supermarkets and grocery stores. The products they can no longer sell are often vegetables, fruit and bread. This surplus food we use to create innovative meals in our workshops and teach people about the value of food.

Our projects and workshops

RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. is a non-profit association. Our team works mainly voluntarily. We organize educational projects, cooking classes and workshops on topics relating to food and how each of us can reduce food waste at home. We offer workshops for kids and adults as well. If you are interested in our educational projects for a group or your school please contact us: bildung@restlos-gluecklich.berlin

Information on workshops or dinner events for individuals will be announced under events or on facebook.

Find out more
Find out more about our concept and why it’s a lot of fun to volunteer. Read this blog post about RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH written bij Jasmijn, one of our lovely volunteers.


As a not-for-profit project, RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH thrives on the voluntary support of many dedicated people. We offer a lot of ways and opportunities to get involved: contacting food partners, organizing logistics and processes, helping out at events and much more…
You want to be part of it? Great! Just get in touch or connect with our community.