What’s the story?

The vision of RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. is that food surplus is more valued again. With our projects we like people to consume more consciously and recycle more of the food they store at home. We offer for example cooking classes and run a small restaurant in Berlin-Neukölln.

We are in direct contact with supermarkets and whole sellers in order to get the products they can no longer sell, mainly vegetables, fruit and bread. Food surplus does not mean that this is already spoiled or that the “best before” date has passed. It is truly an unfortunate fact that a lot of food is discarded, because it simply takes away storage space, the shape is not right or just the packaging is damaged.

The team behind RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. works mainly voluntarily. The prices we ask for our dishes in the restaurant allow us to invest profit in educational projects and cooking classes on the topics relating to food and how each of us can reduce food waste at home.

Restlos Glücklich pumpkin soup

You can find our cozy little restaurant in Berlin, in the trendy area of Neukölln.

Kienitzer Str. 22
12053 Berlin
opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday
06.00 p.m.-10.30 p.m.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays our concept is called: „Einfach glücklich“, meaning simply happy. We are serving healthy and yummie food for a lower price, mostly around  7 to 9 €.

On weekends we serve fancy set meals with 3 courses for a total price of around 21 to 24 €. Optional you can also just order single courses.


What’s on the plate?
Surprise, surprise. Our kitchen is refreshingly different. We mostly don’t know what we will be offering until the afternoon. Our chef is creating innovative and delicious food every day using surplus food where always different vegetables and fruit are part of our meals.
One thing is for sure: we will always serve vegetarian options. If you would like to eat vegan food or have special needs, please let us know in advance. Most of the ingredients we are using are organic and a lot is regional and seasonal food. But we will not refuse convential food as we think it deserves a second chance too.

Curious? Come by and be surprised
A visit to our restaurant is quite a different experience! Beside eating our tasty food you can learn more about our concept and get inspired of how to reduce wasting food at home.

Book a table and try our yummie food
Please book a table in advance. This is appreciated mainly on weekends or when you’re are in a group as it helps us calculating the food we will need. But you can always also just drop by, grab a drink, have a chat with the lovely team or hang out with some nice people. See you soon!

Book a table


Find out more
Find out more about our concept and why it’s a lot of fun to volunteer. Read this blog post about RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH written bij Jasmijn, one of our lovely volunteers.


As a not-for-profit restaurant, RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH thrives on the voluntary support of many dedicated people. We offer  a lot of ways and opportunities to get involved: contacting food partners, organising logistics and processes, helping with the gastronomy service or with communication.
You want to be part of it? Just get in touch or connect with our community.


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Restlos Glücklich e.V.
Kienitzer Str. 22
12053 Berlin

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